Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It All Comes Out in the Wash…

Or so the saying goes...

So, you know how it goes, you sit and chat with your honey about nothing, really, just small talk in the comfort of each other’s arms, right? You’re slowly getting to know each other, more and more every day, and even when you think you know all there is to know… WHAMMO!

You get nailed.

And why is it they can’t ever drop a good sort of bomb on you? Like they won an award for most productive Honor Society student or they’d been a mentor for an underprivileged child? No, can’t ever be that easy, can it?

Of course not, not with my husband anyway. See, we’d been talking about the kids and somehow wandered onto the topic of school… whether they’d be going to a private school, or on base, or whatever. Not things I’d thought of, but things he and I needed to start discussing eventually.

And as these things go, we started reminiscing about our past days in school. Mine were boring. I went to an all girl boarding school in Boston, just far enough away from my family to suit my needs. Graduated early, at 14, moved on to an Ivy League college, graduated at 17, and to Ireland after that. Interesting? Yeah. Exciting? Not so much. Well, not until Ireland, but I was almost an adult by then…

So, what does my charming husband tell me about his school days? “Oh, nothing much, Cookie, just that I got suspended for propping a dead deer up in my algebra teacher’s chair my freshmen year. And came close my junior year for squirting Doe in Heat in the girl’s locker room. Other than that, the parties, skipping class to go fishing, I was a good kid.”

Oh gods, and I spawned with the man! Heaven help me.

Better yet, please help Rayna. I have a feeling my Cowboy’s gonna be a hit with all of Rory’s friends. But Raynie? I dread the day she brings home her first boy. Daddy and Uncle Albie propped on the porch, shotguns in hand, and evil grins plastered on their faces. I guess it’s a good thing Mama’s got access to all the really good weapons.

~A thoughtful, Ali


Redheaded Mama said...

heehee, reminds me of the song.... the one about how he'll be sitting there cleaning his gun, lol.