Thursday, November 29, 2007

So is That Why…

…they call them hot dogs?

*blows on fingers*

Duh, Ali Rae, why else do you think? Eh, who knows these days? I sure don’t. Preggo brain has officially taken over. Kicked my hormones ass and have taken control of my body. Do I hear the X-Files theme playing?

No? Maybe it’s just me then.

I can’t remember crap. Lose my car keys when they’re in my hand. Oh, and the best part? I forget what I’m saying halfway through a sentence. Explain that one to me.

I do have to say though Blake is rather enjoying himself these days. He says he enjoys being the ‘rational one’. As freaking if. I’m at the point of wondering whether it’s a good thing he’s decided to stop touring until after Rayna’s born or not. Scary thought – he told me he was tempted to take a whole year off and stay home.


But seriously, I’m thrilled he’s so happy and excited not just about Rayna, but about his son, Rory too. Rory’s been missing his daddy lately, so it’s nice to have him home for that reason. Even if he IS driving me batty. But, to hear Blake tell it, it’s part of his job. Says it was in the fine print on the back of the marriage certificate.

Freaking men anyway!


Suppose I’ll survive. Like Bill Engvall says, “I don’t have a problem going back to jail, son.”

~Ali, Rayna, the hormones and the attitude…