Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Oh. Mah. Gawd.

I don’t know if it was all the tequila or if he really was that cute, but I was seated near the. Most. Gorgeous. Man. Ever. at Hanger’s last night. And I swear, he looked right at me and smiled.  Several times.


Sometimes, it sucks to be so devoted to a worthless man.

Wait, I can’t honestly say that. I don’t know why he hasn’t called, or answered my calls, or returned my e-mails, but until I know that there’s something afoot, I can’t call him worthless.

And honestly? I’m probably delusional thinking that such a young, handsome man was smiling at me. I mean, don’t I have MOM written across my forehead? Yeah, what a turn off.

Ah, well… it was nice while the delusion lasted.

And there are always my dreams.


Monday, February 8, 2010

In a Bad Place

I had thought that when Blake came home and announced that he had a new tour scheduled, that it would be a good thing. 

I was wrong.

But I really had no idea just how wrong I was. 

Because after he said he was due in New York in three weeks, he announced who his new touring partner was going to be.  For the next eighteen months.

Leslie Morgan.

What?  Why?  What did I do to deserve this?  I mean, really.  I know he needs to work and that he’s been home much too long (ask me how I know), but does he really need to go back to work with his ex-bitch?  Err, I mean his ex-girlfriend?

I don’t think so. 

But I do however, think I need a drink.

He’s been gone for six weeks now.

And I haven’t heard from him in four.

Neither has my brother nor Billy heard a word from him.  Normally, I wouldn’t worry so much about this, but for some reason, I have a very, very bad feeling.  And it’s only getting worse as time goes by.

About that drink…