Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yeaaaah... Right!

I'm rather amused by the fact Scarlett thinks this is all MY fault. Little does she realize how much she really likes talking about herself.

*ducks flying crossbow bolts*

But seriously, I think she's going to get addicted just as quickly as I did. God only knows Blake doesn't want to listen to me ramble all the time. And neither do my co-workers. Not that I can actually TALK to anyone while I'm stuck on freaking bed rest like this. *sighs*

But these days, you do not want to let me get ahold of your ear. Especially on a day like today. Back aches. Tummy hurts. Rayna refuses to sit still. C'mon kid, aren't ya ready to make an apperance yet? Please? For Mommy? Besides, we can freak your Daddy out while we're at it and we all know how much FUN that is...

Gah, I am so uncomfortable today! What the heck is up with this? Wish Blake was around to give me a back rub, but he had an interview to do that his manager sprung on him last-minute. And unfortunately, the idiot (the manager, not my husband this time) promised Blake would be there. In person.

Honey? Hurry home...

~An extremely uncomfortable Ali

Thursday, January 10, 2008

So They Tell Me...

That I'll be a Mama by the first week of February. The 7th is the date Dr. Eddie gave me this morning. I'm not so sure I'm going to make it that long... I'm betting before the end of the month. Blake's praying for next February. Poor guy, gonna actually have to change a diaper this time around, I think...

But seriously, this kid is ready to go. Wonder if Blake'd shoot me if I got into that red raspberry tea I picked up last week. Hmm, I doubt he'd figure out that I started my own labor soo...

But that wouldn't be nice, would it?

On the bright side, Shana and I managed to finish the nursery. I did NOT leave anything to Blake this time around. I am not going to take a chance on having a pink version of Rory's room, god help me. And yanno, I think Blake's been reading my old blogs. How do I know this, you ask? Maybe because I made an offhand comment once about how the only thing Rory's room was missing was a tree stand... and this last week, bored out of his mind, Blake BUILT him one... with a mini-playhouse at the top.


What am I going to do with that man? I swear, I either need to shut up or stop putting things in print. All I do know is that if I start finding stuffed deer and turkeys with fake arrows sticking out of them, he's sleeping on the couch!

Blech. Baby's kicking and I just wanna go home! Wish it were that easy... Good news is, I get to have dinner with my brother and Jo tonight. It should be interesting. But at least I get Johanna as a buffer.

Four-thirty, get here soon!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

What WAS She Thinking?

I swear to all that's holy, I don't know what gets into that woman sometimes. I mean, she asked me what my resolutions for the new year were.

I know, seriously, right?

Um, and after reading her last post, well, let's just say that not strangling her might be at the top of my list. *glares evilly at the woman in the kitchen*

And then you get stupid ass me buying her a new handgun for Christmas. What the hell was I thinking? Why can't she be a normal woman and ask for $5,000 diamond earrings like my ex, Leslie, did? But noooo... I can't marry a normal woman, can I? No, idiot ol' me has to marry the woman who likes and appreciates fire power.

I'm rethinkin' my list, I think. Drink more. Sleep less. Buy more cammo maybe.

~a rather frightened Blake

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

Scary to think that I started this blog December 27, 2006. Yes, 2006! Wowzers! And the fun I've had since then...


I meant with the blogging. Really! No? Don't believe me? Well, then that means you've been reading regularly.

This past year, I've had a lot happen. Married my honey. Got a six-month-old cutie named Rory dumped into my lap and instantly fell in love. Got the crap beaten out of me and damn near got divorced. Twice. Fought and reconciled with my Cowboy. Damn near got myself killed trying to keep Blake from getting killed. Got pregnant with a child of my own and am now waiting for her to arrive. Six weeks and counting, girly girl.

I've made some new friends this year, as well as rediscovered a few old ones. My brother got married and is having a baby.

And so is Scarlett! I'm telling you, this is probably the second best news of the year. The first, of course was Blake asking me to come back home, but that's another drama all together. Just waiting to see if Red's gonna get hitched now or not...

I can't even begin to imagine what kind of chaos 2008 is going to bring. Although, it's now official... Blake is home until further notice. And the chaos my house is in proves just that. Man, at least they've let me out of the hospital. I'm still on bed rest, but at least I'm home, which is taming the destruction caused by Nerf darts, crazy babies, and well-meaning cowboys, but still...

So, the big question, the one everyone's asking: What are your resolutions?

I hate making resolutions. They never stick and are always about stupid things. What I tend to do is set goals and make promises. Yeah, promises.

My Goals Are To:
1. Not to murder Blake in his sleep.
2. Get this chaos under control and institute some order while Cowboy is still home.
3. Plan Scarett's wedding (whether she knows it or not).

My Promises Are To:
1. Be a good mommy and not murder Daddy in his sleep...
2. Be a good wife and not do the same as above.
3. Spend some serious time just being a family while I can. I fear we're gonna lose Daddy much sooner than either he or I would like... damn this life he lives anyway!

I'm sure there will be more before too long, but this works for now. Hope you are having a good year so far. Do what you can to make it your best yet.

~Ali and Raynie Baby