Friday, June 22, 2007

Blake Needs…

How does she convince me to do this kinda crap? Oh, yeah, I forgot about that…

Well, here it is… what Blake needs.

Blake needs…

…to mentally break through against tough Aussie (huh? What’s Keith Urban gotta do with this?)
…an alternative to using the standard joystick (Oh. My. God. Don’t let Ali read this… PLEASE… I can hear her already…)
…a lawyer (what did I do NOW?)
…shades (heeeeeyyy…)
…to hit the salon (is my hair THAT bad?)
…to think outside the beatbox (maybe next album…)
…your votes (hell yeah!)
…to really pay attention to his singing voice (ya’ll trying to tell me something?)
…to be concentrating on a dangerous situation (isn’t that what I got Cookie for?)
…a shower (*sniffs armpits* nah, I’m good…)

What I think Blake REALLY needs is to stop goofing off and listening to his wife’s silly suggestions. But that ain’t gonna happen as long as she’s around. Hey, I may be pathetic, but I am honest.

Huh. I wonder what Billy’s doing…


Rory Needs…

So, now I got to thinking, what does RORY need? Not a lot, I’m sure. A clean diaper, a bottle… his stuffed bass. Nope, apparently NOT…

Rory needs…

…to get to Australia (well, okay, but he IS only seven months old…)
…to find her way (again, see above)
…a break (why? What does he do all day?)
…needs to learn she can’t have everything she wants (AMEN to that, but I think it’s gonna be awhile on that one…)
…an advocate in the U. S. Senate (holy shit…)
…to grow up a lot (well, DUH)
…to get out now (where’s he gonna crawl too?)
…to make her own mistakes (well, yeah HE does)
…to trust her (is this really an issue right now? And who is her anyway?)
…to find someone who comes from a family that’s more down to earth (than what? His own? Amen and Hallelujah to that one! *snort*)

I think Rory’s needs are much more fun than mine. LOL I wonder if I can get Blake to do this now… Hmmm… *scratches head* Gawds only know what HE’LL come up with…

~Ali & Rory Lane

Ali Needs…

Well, Scarlett suggested I do this and since I’m stuck on desk duty until Cowbaby gets here, I figure why not, right? So, I guess, what you do is this: You Google your name and the word needs, all in quotes, then make a list of what you find. Here goes…

What does Ali need (besides a nap)?

Ali needs…

...a passport photo (nope, sorry, got one already)
…his gloves (checks calendar, nope still June…)
…a sig (NOW we’re talking… been tellin’ Cowboy I need a new gun LOL)
…knee surgery (let’s HOPE not, it seems to have healed okay…)
…a real challenge (holy crap! Aren’t Cowboy and Rory enough of one?)
…the data (that’s how my knee got cracked up in the first place you knucklehead!)
…a way more sweeping song than this (what? What’s wrong with Brad Paisley?)
…volunteers who can bake dog biscuits (WTF? She don’t even got a dawg lol)
…to jump off something big again (I’m not even gonna comment… NOPE… not gonna)
…THERAPY! (finally, something I can agree with…)

So, now you’re supposed to underline those that are true. Well, for those of you who know me, you know I’m unable to follow directions. It’s so much more fun to just add running commentary as I go. LOL

Okay… so that killed um, like five minutes. Thanks, Red… I needed that. NOT! Oooh… but now I have an idea…. What is it? Stay tuned…

~Your Bored Ali

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sexiest Man?

Crappy magazine. Let’s the fans vote on who THEY think is the sexiest man. Hmph. My poor, sexy cowboy didn’t even make the Top Ten. What were these people thinking? Naming Toby #1. HAH, I say. HAH!

But then, I’m thinking I just might be biased. But, then again, maybe not…

How can Kenny or Vince be cuter, hotter, or sexier than MY man? Huh? I just don’t get it. They don’t have his blue, blue eyes and ‘guess-what-I’m-thinkin’-now’ smile. Or those luscious kiss me lips. Gary’s got some nice hair, but nothin’ like my Cowboy’s unruly, rumpled curls. And Keith or Alan? Do you think either of them have HALF my honey’s personality? Not a chance!

It’s all a popularity contest anyway. I really do suppose that the music should come first, but come on! Let’s show some originality here people! Shake things up, come on! We can do it!


Ah well… I guess you can’t have it all, I suppose. It just irks me to no end that it’s always the SAME men every year. And out of the Top Ten? I can count um, let’s see… three that I even think are sexy. About half are cute… but sexy? Not so much. But I voted… and I lost.

Does it count that *I* think he’s the sexiest? Probably not. Oh well… I don’t like it, but I suppose I just gotta live with it. *grumbles loudly* But I refuse to accept it.

There’s always next year, babe. I promise…

~A rather irate and unhappy Ali

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What Do You Get…

…for a man who has everything? Or, close enough to everything. What he doesn’t already have is easily within his reach financially. So, that leaves me with quite the predicament.

What does he get for Father’s Day now?

He’s got a new bow, a fistful of arrows and a new knife. God only knows, he does NOT need another weapon. Of ANY kind. At all. Trust me.

Hats, boots, assorted flannel shirts… tight fittin’ jeans. He’s clothed better than I am most of the time. I’m at a total loss here people.

To make matters worse, his birthday is the day after too. Now I need two things, or at least one nice thing for all he’s done lately. For not leaving me and taking Rory with him. For realizing love is stronger than pride. For one more last chance, if nothing else.

I’m still at a total loss, but I think it’ll be okay. I have a few tricks up my sleeve, pregnant or not. I’d just give him his daughter were she ready to make an appearance. Still just a bit too early for that though. Give her another twenty-seven weeks or so…

I’d better start thinking fast…

Ali, Rory & Cowbaby Makes Three… err four?