Monday, June 16, 2008

So, Why Did God Make Oklahoma Anyway?

Surely, just to torture me and wonder why oh why?

Blake’s mother has convinced him he needs to come home for his birthday this year. Oh yay. Just what I wanted to do. Pack up my 2 ½ year old son, my 5 month old daughter, and FLY to Oklahoma just so I can listen to her, her ex and his new wife and all the siblings whine about how my husband can’t ever make a smart choice.

Add to that the fact that SHE has a place just down the road from him and I’m screwed. This is so not going to be a vacation. I’m just thankful we got to have Father’s Day to ourselves, mostly. Blake lied (good boy) and told his mother we couldn’t get an earlier flight out, so we didn’t even arrive until early evening. Delayed us enough to have an early lunch as a family. He felt guilty, but it didn't seem to affect his appetite any.

We got time to ourselves. Just us. He’s not proud, but he’s happy. And you better believe I'm a gonna keep you updated...

~Ali, soon to be on a Rampage