Monday, July 14, 2008

Day Three

The Cowoby and I spent most of this day getting stuff together and hitting the airport to fly down to his hometown, just off the beaten path outside of Tulsa, OK. Now, I've been all over the world but haven't ever spent much time in Oklahoma, so I wasn't sure what to expect when we arrived. Things weren't as green as I had expected, due to the drought and fires that wipe out the state nearly every year, but it was pleasant and very small-town. The weather was warm and humid, and poor Rory, his little curls were frizzing like there was no tomorrow. I'd never tell his father this, but he looked like a male Shirley Temple.

It's very odd when you think that he arranged for his ex-wife Dana to pick us up at the airport instead of his mom or his sister. I guess that just tells you something about my relationship with his family. I get along better with his ex than I do with his parents or siblings. Go me. But then, Dana actually has a sense of humor. And she likes me. So there.

Dana and Blake were very covert about the whole operation, getting all five of us back to Blake's farm just outside the town limits of his small, secluded home town of Karma, OK. I think that if he'd still lived within the town, then we'd have been spotted a lot sooner than we were, but as it was, we were safe for most of the afternoon following the trip home. We were found at around dinner time.

Lucky us.

His sister caught us.

His brother interrupted us.

His mother screamed at us.

His father, well, we're not gonna go there because Blake refuses to tell me anything about that conversation.


Why can't our families just be accepting of who we are and who we love and just get over themselves? All three of my brothers took bitchy, snarky trophy wives that they don't even care about, yet they look good on paper (and in the newspapers together). But do I judge? No. I love my nephews despite the fact their parents are idiots. And I never, never tell them that to their faces. I am so angry any more that I almost wish that transfer to Dublin would come through for me. Yeah, I know, it'd piss Blake off, and we'd REALLY never get any time together, but at least I wouldn't be causing a rift between him and his family like I have been.

Oh, and don't mention that last part to Blake, please. He doesn't even know I put in for that transfer. I think he'd have a major moo-moo if I did. And I can't quite blame him. But I mean, especially after this trip, I'm at a loss. What do I do? Do I stay home alone for every holiday with Rayna since they accept RORY but not RAYNA nor ME? Or, do I turn bitch and make him stay home with US and not go home to be with his family? I'd really rather not do that because while his place IS with US, it's just not right. I may hate my family but they're the only one I have.

I dunno anymore.

*snicker* Wonder what Gaelic sounds like with a southern accent?

~Your Conflicted Cookie