Monday, July 7, 2008

While the Cowboy is Away…

His Cookie will play…

Since Blake has taken Rory and disappeared for the time being, I thought I'd sneak in and update you at least a little on the fiasco surrounding his birthday celebration and our resultant trip home. Le sigh.

My initial flight into Nashville was, believe it or not, relatively uneventful. My brother drug himself out of bed at the butt crack of dawn (even for the two of us) to help me dress and drag my two children to the airport to wait an unbelievable amount of time for the flight. Rayna crashed big time once we were in the air and Rory, well, he's a curious little thing. He had to see and touch everything while asking a million questions nonstop. But, hey, as annoying as that was, at least he wasn't crying or screaming or being his normally obnoxious little self. He entertained the stewardesses and passengers in our area with his stuffed fish and Rayna's stuffed deer. I'm sure they've never seen the likes of my child before.

Our flight arrived on time and Daddy was there to meet us. He was ragged and worn out, having just left a meeting with his label president. THAT so did not go well, but I'll let you all in on that a bit later. Comes into play during his actual birthday, poor guy. Anyway, poor baby Blake herded us all into his truck and took us back to the small apartment he keeps for times like this. And, despite the fact he kept telling me it 'wasn't much' and just a 'small bachelor pad', I swear to all that's holy, that freaking apartment is larger than our house! He really needs to use a tape measure. After settling the kids in, we let them nap and we watched a movie, ordering dinner in when the time came.

That was Wednesday, a week before his birthday. Thursday, he had his annual fan club party at a small theater-like club in the early afternoon. That was an experience to remember. GRRRRR… will have to wait on that one, and think about what I want to say because I so wanted to have it out with a chick or two that afternoon…

But, I digress. And I hear the rumble of Blake's truck in the drive. Now that we're back in MY home, I need to be nice. *evil laughter* But seriously, I think he's had enough stress this year, why add more to it?

~A Not Quite Done Ali